now that bay know about ty , do you know if there is still a chance to see them together again ? If Ty may come back ?

No. Especially not now with Bay getting back together with Emmett.

3x12: Love Among The Ruins


Switched at Birth: Season 3B Teaser {03-24-2014}

Ok so I only recently caught up on this season so I'm a little late but im still so upset that ty did that to bay I get he was just trying to spare her but if ty does die overseas bay will probably find out about trew mary beth and she'll still be heart broken and sad no matter what so there just doesn't really seem to be any real point to why he did that

Well, SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! Bay does find out from Mary Beth.

What will happen with Melody and Gabe? All I got out of season 3 was that they were starting to date..

I don’t know what is going to happen in the future with them.


3x11: Sneak Peek 5: Daphne & Jorge