What happened in the most recent episode to Emmett?

Emmett tells Bay that Mandy is coming to visit.

Bay tells Emmett about her reservations about Mandy.

Emmett blows Bay’s reservations about Mandy off and tells her that she just doesn’t want him to be happy with someone else.

Emmett meets up with ‘Mandy’.

Only it’s MATTHEW!!!!

Matthew catfished Emmett to get back at him for getting him suspended.

Matthew taped Emmett’s reaction.

Emmett and Matthew get into a physical fight.

Emmett seems pretty badly injured.

Bay finds Emmett and he asks Bay how could he not of known.

Bay tells Emmett that Matthew is sick.

Emmett feels horrible that everyone is going to see the video that Matthew made.

Bay tells Emmett that it doesn’t matter because everyone loves him.

Emmett asks if Bay does.

Emmett admits that he tried to recreate what he had with Bay with Mandy. That he just wanted to feel that way again.

Bay tells Emmett that she loves him and she never stopped.

Emmett leans in a kisses Bay and they have sex on the blanket.

what did you think of tonights ending? I personally ship Bay and Emmett to the end of the earth so I loved it!

I was so happy. I have been waiting 2 YEARS for that moment!

am I the only one who thought there was connection with Toby and Sharee?

I saw it too.

now that bay know about ty , do you know if there is still a chance to see them together again ? If Ty may come back ?

No. Especially not now with Bay getting back together with Emmett.

3x12: Love Among The Ruins


Switched at Birth: Season 3B Teaser {03-24-2014}

Ok so I only recently caught up on this season so I'm a little late but im still so upset that ty did that to bay I get he was just trying to spare her but if ty does die overseas bay will probably find out about trew mary beth and she'll still be heart broken and sad no matter what so there just doesn't really seem to be any real point to why he did that

Well, SPOILER ALERT!!!!!! Bay does find out from Mary Beth.